Dental Implant Procedure

When you have missing teeth, it is strongly recommended to fill the gap to avoid future issues such as misalignment of existing teeth, tipping/tilting of the teeth next to the gap, and super eruption of the opposing teeth. One of the options for replacing missing teeth is dental implants.

Our dentist has the expertise and experience to work with our patients through each step in the process so you can complete your dental implant in Calgary NW in the comfort of our clinic.

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A dental implant is a small titanium screw that functions like the root of the tooth. It is placed into the gums and anchored to the jawbone. Once the top attachment, crown, bridge, or dentures are placed, the tooth/teeth look and feel like natural teeth.

Avoid misalignment issues, tipping in and an unsightly smile with dental implants in Calgary NW by Nolan Ridge Dental.

Dental implant services are carried out to replace missing teeth. A dental implant could be put in place to replace a single tooth or several missing teeth.

A consultation appointment is required prior to proceeding to the implant procedure. The dentist needs to examine whether you are fit for an implant, they may look for things such as adequate bone structure in the jaw via X-rays.

Once you have been deemed a good candidate for dental implants, the dentist would place the titanium screw below your gums into your bone. The healing process can take up to 4 – 6 months, as the implant screw needs to fuse with the bone, and the gums need to heal around the screw. During the healing stage, the dentist will follow up with you to see your healing progress.

When the healing is done, the artificial tooth is made and attached to the implant screw. This may take a few appointments to ensure the artificial tooth sits properly on top of the implant. The process is similar if you have multiple implants.

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What Problems Can Arise Without Tooth Implant

If you don’t replace a missing tooth by implant, it can cause a whole host of issues in your jaw, mouth, bite and smile.

  • Jawbone shrinking
  • Drifting teeth that tip inwards
  • Poor bite
  • Misalignment leading to TMJ pain and faster wearing
  • Problems chewing
  • Aging appearance around the mouth
  • Lower confidence in appearance
  • Cosmetic issues
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Dental Implants

Financing of dental implant services

At Nolan Ridge Dental, we are committed to providing our patients with the best dental implant services. We create an environment that will make patients feel comfortable enough to entrust their dental health to the hands of our qualified professionals. Dental implants in Calgary can be expensive, depending on what is needed for the individual. Some insurance plans cover implant procedures, and some do not. At Nolan Ridge Dental, we recommend you book a consultation appointment to see if you are eligible for dental implants. Our staff will collaborate with you to send an estimate on your behalf to your insurance company to inquire if you have coverage for implants or not. Please note that due to privacy restrictions, your insurance company will contact you in regard to whether the implant has been approved or not. If you do not have dental insurance, please contact our staff and we can further assist you.

Pros and cons of dental implant surgery

Dental implants are the most common method used by dentists when you are missing a tooth to fill the gap. The attachment on top (the crown) of the implant is made to look like your natural teeth. The crown is made to match the shade of your surrounding teeth allowing it to blend in naturally, restoring your smile.
Some of the pros of dental implant surgery are:

  • They help to maintain a bone level and prevent future bone reabsorption.
  • Dental implants in Calgary NW are a long-lasting solution to missing teeth and typically do not need to be replaced after 5 years, unlike dentures and bridges.
  • The implant crowns are made to look like your natural teeth.
  • They prevent adjacent teeth from tilting and opposing teeth from super-eruptions.
  • Denture implants help to mitigate the risk of facial sagging.
  • They have a very high success rate.
  • There are hardly any eating restrictions and easy oral hygiene.

There are also a few cons to be considered when getting dental implants:

  • The implant process takes a long time to complete due to tissue healing time once an implant is planted.
  • They are more expensive than some other tooth replacement procedures.
  • Sometimes, the procedure may fail when the implant cannot merge with the bone.
  • Some insurance plans do not cover implant(s).

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Missing teeth can impact eating, speech, and the adjacent teeth surrounding the gap.

When you have gaps or missing teeth, it can make it difficult for individuals to eat. This may result in chewing on the unaffected side which can cause changes in the jaw and facial muscles over time. It can also cause bone loss or reabsorption where the missing tooth is in the jaw.

Missing teeth can also change the shape of your face due to the adjacent teeth tilting or shifting in the jaw. It can cause the opposing teeth to super erupt meaning it will continue to grow because there is no tooth opposing it. This can also affect your natural bite, the position your jaw is in when it is closed naturally.

It is recommended by our implant specialists in Calgary to replace the missing tooth to prevent these changes from occurring or exacerbating if they have already started to occur.

An implant can replace the missing tooth and fill the gap. The implant does not require attachments to other teeth adjacent to it such as a partial denture or a bridge would. It is an individual unit that is placed in the jawbone. The longevity of implants is better compared to partial dentures or bridges and may be more comfortable in the long run.

Consultation about tooth implants in Calgary NW

There are many conditions that need to be met prior to getting an implant. Conditions such as adequate bone structure to hold the tooth implant, the individual must be healthy, need to have good oral home care and many more.

Ensuring there is adequate bone level in the jaw allows the implant to attach firmly and prevents movement. If there is not enough bone, sometimes the dentist can do bone grafting to build up that jawbone. However, this is dependent on everyone’s situation.

It is always recommended to book a consultation appointment with our implant specialist to doing an implant to ensure that you are eligible for the implant procedure. This helps the dentist ensure your implant procedure will be a success.

Please Note! The dental implants cannot be used in children and teens whose bones are still undergoing development.


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What is the cost of dental implant services in Calgary?

The cost depends on various factors. It is recommended that you book a consultation appointment and our staff can give you an estimate after.

We offer various kinds depending on what the patient needs.

The whole procedure from implant surgery to crown placement can be anywhere from 4 – 12 months.

Dental implants are a very durable form of treatment for missing teeth. Once they can attach to the jawbone, they quickly become a part of its structure.

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